Service: NDIS Accomodation Supports

Go back Accomodation Supports Our Accommodation Supports Discover the full spectrum of accommodation supports designed to meet a variety of needs at Blossom Community Care. Whether you’re looking for independence, a short break, specialized facilities, or a medium-term housing solution, we have options across Victoria, Australia, that can be tailored to suit your requirements. send […]

Service: Plan Management

Go back Capacity Building Supports Plan Management Simplify the complexities of your NDIS financial management with Blossom Community Care. Our skilled plan managers are dedicated to streamlining the process, handling all the intricate financial details of your NDIS plan so you can concentrate on achieving your personal and health goals without stress. Get started Helpline: […]

Service: Specialist Support Coordination

Go back Capacity Building Supports Specialist Support Coordination (Level 3) Navigate the complexities of care with our Level 3 Specialist Support Coordination, tailored for individuals with complex needs. At Blossom Community Care, our dedicated coordinators offer expert guidance and comprehensive support, specializing in managing and navigating challenging situations effectively. Trust us to help you achieve […]

Service: Support Coordination

Go back Capacity Building Supports Support Coordination (Level 2) Maximize the benefits of your NDIS plan with our Level 2 Support Coordination services at Blossom Community Care. Our team of experts is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the NDIS, ensuring that you select the most suitable providers and manage your plan effectively […]

Service: Group Activites

Go back Core Supports Group Activites: Dive into the vibrant community at Blossom Community Care with our Group Activities! Designed to foster active and connected lifestyles, our diverse range of activities provides the perfect opportunity to make new friends, pursue new interests, and simply enjoy life. Join us and enhance your wellbeing in a fun […]

Service: Assistance in day-to-day life

Go back Core Supports Assistance with daily life (Daily Activities) Enhance your daily living with Blossom Community Care’s personalized assistance services. Our dedicated and compassionate team is here to support you or your loved ones in managing daily activities, making each day easier and more enjoyable. Discover how our tailored support can make a significant […]

Service: Implementation of Behaviour Support Plan

Go back Core Supports Implementation of Behaviour Support Plan: At Blossom Community Care, our behavior support services are tailored to help individuals improve daily living and effectively address specific challenges. With a focus on positive strategies, our dedicated team supports clients through every step of their journey towards better behavioral management and enhanced life quality. […]

Service: Allied Health Services

Go back Capacity Building Supports Allied Health Services Unlock your health potential with top-tier Allied Health Services at Blossom Community Care. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to supporting your health and wellness journey. Whether you’re aiming to recover, maintain, or enhance your health, we tailor our services to meet your personal health […]

Service: Assisted Travel/ Transport

Go back Core Supports Assisted Travel/ Transport: Explore the world around you with confidence through Blossom Community Care’s Assisted Travel/Transport services. Whether you need a ride to an appointment, event, or just want to get out and about, our safe and secure transport solutions are here to help you navigate with ease. Contact us today […]

Service: Early Childhood Supports

Go back Core Supports Early Childhood Supports: Unlock your child’s potential with Blossom Community Care’s Early Childhood Supports. Our NDIS registered services are dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of young children through specialized, age-appropriate interventions. Discover how our tailored support can make a significant impact on your child’s early years. Get started Helpline: […]