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NDIS Support for Aging Australians Explained

Discover how the NDIS provides tailored support for older Australians, ensuring they receive the care and assistance needed to live independently.
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NDIS and Ageing: Support for Older Australians

As Australians age, their needs change, and navigating these changes can be challenging. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plays a crucial role in providing support to older Australians who have disabilities. This article explores how the NDIS assists older Australians, the types of support available, and how to access these services.

Understanding the NDIS for Older Australians

The NDIS is designed to provide support to people with a permanent and significant disability, and this includes many older Australians. The scheme recognizes that the needs of older adults can be quite specific and varied, ranging from mobility support to personal care and community participation.

Eligibility for Older Australians

Older Australians are eligible for the NDIS if they are under the age of 65 when they apply. Once they are participants, they can continue to receive support after turning 65. It’s important to note that for those who are over 65 and have not previously been a participant in the NDIS, other services such as the Commonwealth Aged Care system may be more appropriate.

Types of Support Available

The NDIS provides a wide range of supports for older Australians, tailored to meet individual needs. These can include:

  • Personal care assistance to help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and eating.
  • Access to mobility equipment like wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Therapeutic supports including physiotherapy and occupational therapy.
  • Modifications to the home to improve safety and accessibility.
  • Support for community and social participation to help older adults stay engaged and connected.

How to Access NDIS Support

To access NDIS support, older Australians or their caregivers must first apply to the NDIS. This involves providing evidence of disability and how it impacts daily life. The NDIS will then assess the application to determine eligibility. If eligible, a planning meeting is arranged to discuss the individual’s needs and goals, and a personalized plan is developed.

Planning for the Future

As individuals age, their needs can change, and it may be necessary to adjust the support received from the NDIS. Regular plan reviews are a critical aspect of the NDIS, ensuring that each participant’s supports continue to meet their needs as they age.


The NDIS provides vital support to older Australians with disabilities, helping them to maintain their independence and quality of life. By understanding the eligibility requirements and the types of support available, older Australians and their families can better navigate the system and make the most of the supports available to them.

For more detailed information or to apply for support, visiting the official NDIS website or contacting an NDIS representative can be the first step towards receiving the necessary assistance.

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