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Blossom Community Care Event:

Tulip Festival / Children’s Week

Monday, 18th Sep, 2023
Starts from: 9:00 AM
Until: 5:00 PM
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Event details:

We have an awesome line up of family fun, including Live Interactive Experiences with Bluey and Bingo week one of the holidays. We have our Fairy with intriguing tales in our Fairy Hollow. You can touch and learn about Australian wildlife from Black Snake Productions. There are a variety of craft workshops on offer for a small fee. Children can test out their powers of observation on our Treasure Hunt, or participate in some fun Dutch and garden games, ride on our Tulip Train, indulge in traditional Dutch foods and other treats, see market stalls, visit our clog shop, and of course be amongst the sensational tulips. Oh, don’t forget, there are plenty of photo opportunities! See our everyday page for more details. PROGRAM 10:30am – Full Circle Drumming Workshop 11:00am – Bluey & Bingo Live Interactive Experience 11:30am – Tulip Fairy Story Telling 11:30am – Becky Bubbles show and workshop 11:30am – Black Snake Productions educational and interactive talks 12:00pm – Bluey & Bingo Live Interactive Experience 12:30pm – Becky Bubbles show and workshop 12:30pm – Tulip Fairy Story Telling 12:30pm – Black Snake Productions educational and interactive talks 1:00pm – Bluey & Bingo Live Interactive Experience 1:00pm – Full Circle Drumming Workshop 1:30pm – Tulip Fairy Story Telling 1:45pm – Becky Bubbles show and workshop 2:00pm – Bluey & Bingo Live Interactive Experience 2:30pm – Black Snake Productions educational and interactive talks 3:00pm – Tulip Fairy Story All day: Black Snake’s reptiles display, Dutch Findlay Fairground Organ, Fairy Garden, Treasure Hunt, Dutch Games, Garden Games, Obstacle Course, Sand Play, Craft activities*, Tractor Ride*, Face Painting* and more. *Small fee applies