Personal Care

You can trust Blossom Community Care to help you with regular chores too. Our aim is to make you feel cared for, and comfortable at all times. Our caregivers can provide you with the personal care you are looking for. We take it as our responsibility to reduce your challenges and ease things out for you.

Our aim is to provide best quality service.We work to make your personal tasks hassle-free too by lending a helping hand at every step

What is Personal Care?

Personal Care services involve a home health aide assisting you with daily activities. This can range from showering to meal prep. Our private care providers assist the participants with all the tasks they now require help with.

What is the advantage of personal care?

Personal care can be particularly advantageous for those with caregivers who are unable to continue taking care of their loved ones because of the circumstances. However, here are a few reasons that personal care is incredibly advantageous!

Specialized Care

Old age brings a special kind of difficulty, both for the participant and caregiver. It can bring disability, injuries, or just a lack of independence. A lot of caregivers are ill-equipped to deal with the problems old age brings with it, which is where our specialized personal aides come into play.

Our aides are trained and equipped to deal with any problem, disability, or situation you can think of! Specialized caregivers are able to navigate and come up with solutions to better care for the participant and are only looking out for the well-being of your family. It’s always better to let a professional do a job that requires care.

What Kind Of Services Does Personal Care Involve?

Personal care supports help out with all daily activities. They can assist or supervise daily
tasks such as:

● Dressing on a daily basis
● Grooming
● Hygiene; which includes oral hygiene
● Bathing
● Toileting; this includes menstrual care
● Mobility; which involves getting in and out of bed or on and off the toilet

Increased Independence and life skills