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Crafting Your NDIS Plan: Identify Your Needs

Learn how to effectively craft your NDIS plan by identifying your unique needs. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to ensure you get the most out of your NDIS support.

Crafting Your NDIS Plan: A Guide to Identifying Your Needs

Crafting Your NDIS Plan: A Guide to Identifying Your Needs


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a vital resource for many Australians living with disabilities. However, creating an effective NDIS plan requires careful consideration and a thorough understanding of your needs. This guide aims to help you identify those needs and craft a plan that works best for you.

Understanding the NDIS

The NDIS provides funding for supports and services to people with disabilities. The goal is to help participants achieve their goals, increase their independence, and improve their quality of life. To make the most of the NDIS, it’s crucial to have a well-thought-out plan that accurately reflects your needs and aspirations.

Step 1: Assess Your Current Situation

Begin by taking a comprehensive look at your current situation. Consider the following:

  • Your daily routine and the challenges you face
  • The support you currently receive from family, friends, and other services
  • Your health and any medical needs
  • Your living situation and any modifications that might be necessary

Step 2: Identify Your Goals

Think about what you want to achieve with your NDIS plan. Your goals might include:

  • Improving your independence
  • Enhancing your social and community participation
  • Accessing education or employment opportunities
  • Improving your health and well-being

Be specific about your goals, as this will help in determining the supports and services you need.

Step 3: Determine the Supports You Need

Based on your assessment and goals, identify the supports and services that will help you achieve your objectives. These might include:

  • Personal care and assistance with daily activities
  • Therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy
  • Assistive technology and equipment
  • Home modifications
  • Support for social and community participation

Step 4: Create a Budget

Once you have identified the supports you need, it’s important to create a budget. The NDIS provides funding based on your individual needs, so ensure that your budget reflects the true cost of the supports and services you require. Consider consulting with an NDIS planner or a support coordinator to help you with this process.

Step 5: Review and Adjust Your Plan

Your needs and goals may change over time, so it’s important to regularly review and adjust your NDIS plan. Keep track of your progress and make note of any changes in your circumstances. This will help you ensure that your plan continues to meet your needs effectively.


Crafting an effective NDIS plan requires careful consideration and a thorough understanding of your needs and goals. By following these steps, you can create a plan that helps you achieve your objectives and improve your quality of life. Remember, the NDIS is there to support you, so make the most of it by creating a plan that truly reflects your needs.

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