Community Access

At Blossom Community Care we want our participants to live life as though they were not restricted by a disability. This means we encourage our participants to enjoy themselves in the community, with the comfort of having a trusted Support Worker by their side.

Community Access is only limited to the imagination of the participant involved, from simple trips to the grocery store, a walk in the park, going to the movies or the local gym; anywhere you want to go, our Support Workers will gladly accompany you.

At Blossom Community Care, Community Access is about enriching lives, fostering relationships and building independence.

What is Community Access?

Community access is quite literally what it claims to be in the name, access to a community, and people. It is a way to regain a place in social circles that have been previously taken away. We achieve this by providing both home and community services to children and adults with disabilities.

There are several activities, events, workshops, and more that empower the people to take control of their own lives. To provide a better understanding of the kind of activities one would see in community access, here are a few examples:

● Social clubs: those with common interests can gather and socialize.
● After-school and Holiday Programs: This is not age restricted
● Play Programs: These are for children
● Cooking Programs
● Management of Household tasks
● Personal Care
● Health Care
● Cultural and Diversity programs
● Photography
● Swimming

There are also a lot of workshops that take place. The aim of these is to instil a sense of independence in the people. An example of these workshops can be:

● Developing relationships and social skills
● Money Management
● Bill payment
● Employment skill
● Fitness Training
● Shopping
● Attending Appointments

These are all basic life skills that are previously denied to those with disabilities. Our programs aim to give them back what has been taken and arm them for an independent life.

Our Wide Range Of Services Is Sure To Support You At Each Step. From Household Services To Community Activities, Our Holistic Approach Will Ensure You Get Only The Best!

What Can it Do For You?

Community access events have a lot of different positive outcomes. Each tailor-made program can elicit a different positive outcome. If you’re wondering what is it that we can do for you, here’s how we can benefit you, in a nutshell:

Developing relationships

It isn’t just a workshop that’s run; the events allow for interaction with those of similar mindsets and interests. It’s a chance to make friends and create a peer network that may not exist otherwise. It’s a safe space for the participants to practice their skills and develop as they go.

Knowing the community

Often, the participants do not have an idea of what opportunities are available to them. This is usually because of the lack of knowledge in those around them. These events allow for an inside look into the kind of opportunities present in the community. It’s an eye-opener for everyone involved

Develop interests

It’s all too easy to box yourself into an interest or skill. Meeting new people and experiencing new things can help develop interests and skills that you may not have been exposed to before.

Sense of Belonging

We believe in knitting all our participants together in a single community so that they feel a sense of belongingness while we take care of them. These events are aimed to bring together our community that doubles as a safe space. A sense of belonging builds self-esteem and confidence too!

Employment and Education

You never know when the next opportunity is going to come from. These events are the perfect ground for finding opportunities for employment and education!

Why is it important?

Community access is important to more than just the participants. These events give the participants a piece of their lives back. It gives them tools to go and be working members of society, a chance they’d been denied before. If empowerment isn’t the best reason, then what is?

But it isn’t just for the participants. Our programs prove to everyone that psychiatric disabilities don’t deserve to be stigmatized in such an awful manner. The participants are capable of living rich, enriching, and independent lives! It’s a step towards reducing stigma and discrimination. It is a step taken to promote social change on a large scale!

Independent Living

If you have the skills to branch out and grow, then you’re bound to. The events at community access provide the participants with the tools to live independently.