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Blossom Community Care Newsletter


February was a heartwarming month at Blossom Community Care, marked by joyful reunions and significant achievements within our team. As restrictions eased, many of our participants and staff cherished the long-awaited opportunity to reconnect with family from interstate, bringing much-needed smiles and warmth to our community.

Reconnecting with Loved Ones: The easing of travel restrictions has been a blessing for many in our community, allowing families and friends to reunite after months apart. These reunions have been particularly meaningful, reinforcing the importance of support and connection that stand at the core of Blossom Community Care.

Celebrating Team Achievements at the Expo: This February, our team had additional reasons to celebrate. Two of our dedicated staff members, Amanda and Harpreet, were nominated for prestigious awards at the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo. Amanda was nominated for the Above and Beyond Award, while Harpreet was in the running for Support Worker of the Year. These nominations are a recognition of their unwavering dedication and passion for their work, which have significantly impacted our community and the broader disability sector.

The Importance of Recognition: These awards are designed to highlight the extraordinary efforts of individuals within the NDIS and the disability community. We are incredibly proud of Amanda and Harpreet. Their commitment and hard work exemplify the values we hold dear at Blossom Community Care. They inspire all of us to continue striving for excellence in everything we do, ensuring that every participant feels supported and valued.

As we move into March, we are filled with gratitude for the accomplishments of our team and the joyous reunions of our community members. These stories of connection and recognition fuel our commitment to providing the best possible care and support, making every moment count for those we serve.

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