Blossom Community Care provides travel and transport services so our participants can live life fully.

Participants can choose when and for what reason they require travel or transport support, from medical appointments to community access.

– Support workers can accompany participants on public transport and help them build their capacity to travel independently. We will assist with any equipment and supports that are necessary.

– For participants who cannot travel independently, we arrange private transport options. This could be a taxi, or one of our support workers driving in their own car.

Why should I go for travel support?

Travelling is one of the biggest challenges faced by participants. On this journey, we want to make sure that we give our 100% to ensure that you lead your life smoothly and confidently. This is why we have our professionals who not only support and assist you but also train you to be self-sufficient.

Our transport service helpers are kind and well equipped. They have experience and know-how to deal with difficult situations. They will make commuting from one place to the other easy. Your weekly appointments and regular visits will be taken care of by us. If there are any overhead travels that you wish to make, then we got that covered as well.

NDIS gives you the liberty to choose personalized services. Taking leverage of this, we want to create a safe space for you to interact, learn, and grow. Our aim at Blossom Community Care is not only to make your journey easier but also to develop capabilities that will help you carve your path.